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Maria Galland Sensi'Repair

The beauty solution dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin.
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Skin concern
Product type
Maria Galland 160 Sensi'Repair Cream 50ml
Soothing anti-stress cream to soothe sensitive skin.
Maria Galland 161 Sensi'Repair Recovery Balm 50ml
Soothing restorative rich cream. The skin is de-stressed and...
Maria Galland 140 Sensi'Repair Serum 30ml
This serum immediately soothes the discomfort of sensitive s...

Maria Galland Sensi'Repair

Serenity for sensitive skins every single day

One in two women worldwide say that they have sensitive skin. This is generally characterized by redness, inflammation or feelings of discomfort. The causes of this sensitivity are many and varied, but they’re often linked to environmental factors.

Exposed to daily aggressors, such as stress, UV rays and pollution, the skin barrier weakens and is more exposed to feelings of discomfort.

The Sensi’Repair beauty solution for your face

To help protecting and strengthening weakened skin lastingly, Maria Galland Paris presents the Sensi’Repair beauty solution: range consisting of products with innovative textures and a subtle and relaxing signature fragrance, to soothe and protect skin every single day.

The Sensi’Repair range - with the actives it contains - soothes feelings of discomfort and tightness, while nourishing, strengthening and protecting skin deep down. Day af ter day, skin feels de-stressed and more comfortable.