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Maria Galland Eye Care

Maria Galland Paris werd 50 jaar geleden opgericht door een buitengewone vrouw, wiens geest nog steeds het merk inspireert. Madame Galland zelf blijft tot op vandaag nog steeds een inspiratiebron voor vrouwen wereldwijd.
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Maria Galland 260 & 240 & 280 & 250 & 251 Rituel De Soin Beauté
Discovery set with 5 products with a value of € 129,80 now...
Maria Galland 650 Lift'Expert Wrinkle Smoother 15ml
Double-action multi-zone cream for wrinkless & eye area.
Maria Galland 61 & 64 & 65A Face & Eyes Cleansing Trio 3x50ml
Now with a 35% discount this beautiful cleansing set for fac...
Maria Galland 65A Eye Makeup Remover Lotion 125ml
Two-phase eye makeup remover lotion, also suitable for water...
Maria Galland 1000 Mille Les Patchs Or Contour Des Yeux
The perfect weekly ritual to keep the eye area looking fresh...
Maria Galland 007 Essence Hyaluron 5ml
Silky-light eye gel for radiant eyes.
Maria Galland 250 Eye Contour Gel Cream 15ml
Vitalising and moisturizing gel-cream for the eye contour.
Maria Galland 350 Day & Night Eye Care Duo 2 x 10ml
Nourishing duo for the eye contour that shows fatigue and th...
Maria Galland 450 Nutri'Vital Eye Contour Cream 15ml
This care offers nourishing and revitalizing action for a sm...
Maria Galland 251 Hydra'Global Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Mask 30ml
Moisturizing, anti-fatigue mask for the eye contour.
Maria Galland 1000 Mille La Crème Yeux 15ml
Boosts the youthfulness of the eye area for a complete anti-...

Maria Galland Eye Care

The institute Maria Galland Paris was founded by an extraordinary woman 50 years ago, whose spirit is still influencing the brand – and Madame Maria Galland herself continues to inspire women on a global scale today. With her unique understanding of the need to individualize skin care, Madame Maria Galland pioneered a more holistic approach to beauty.

From her passion for classical dance, Madame Maria Galland understood that beauty was all about energy. Her strong belief that every woman has her own unique energy that makes her radiant and beautiful led to her own desire to uncover that beauty. Her ultimate dream has come true: her unique method reveals the energy of beauty in every woman, at every age.

A mosaic of needs

Unique. Demanding. Precious. This is our skin. It’s like a “mosaic of the most diverse needs.” Which is why the “grande dame” Maria Galland believed that each of our own personal charisma and beauty could only be preserved with highly, “tailor-made” care.

Since the outset in Paris in the sixties, the focus of Maria Galland Paris has always been on providing the optimum combination of the three key elements in premium skin care: highly effective treatment techniques, innovative formulas with great sensorial textures that offer the best of science and nature, and individual lifestyle recommendations.

Together, they provide a holistic, highly effective sensorial experience with immediate and unparalleled results. This premium approach has created a breakthrough method for skin care – one that is aligned with the needs and challenges of taking care of both our skin and our well-being and that is brought to life by the skilled and soothing hands of Maria Galland Paris beauty therapists.

It is this belief that continues to define the philosophy behind the Maria Galland Paris method today.

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