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Well-trained Specialists With our certified specialists, you are in expert hands and are guaranteed that you'll receive the right advice.
We choose Quality As an official reseller, we only offer the best quality beauty products for long-term lasting results.
Personal Approach Together we will find what is best for your skin. Each skin is different and requires a specific treatment.

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This is how you adapt your skincare to spring!
Spring has officially begun! With the change of seasons, your skin may have different needs. That's why it's important to take another look at your current routine. We'll give you some tips you'll want to consider when adjusting your routine for spring and summer!
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At Dehcos we strive to deliver personalised skincare treatments that will enhance your own natural beauty. Together with you, we look at your wishes and what is best for you and your skin. That’s why we don’t only offer beauty treatments in our Dehcos salon, but also provide high quality beauty products to be used comfortably at home!

Exclusive beauty brands

To make your skin shine we offer exclusive beauty brands that would normally only be found in luxury beauty salons, such as Dermalogica, Cenzaa, hannah, QMS and Maria Galland. These brands were carefully chosen for their revolutionary formulas that can hydrate and improve any skin type. Let yourself be pampered by the best care products that will make your skin and hair shine again. From skincare and haircare products to make-up and accessories, we have what it takes to make sure you can always show the best version of yourself. Not sure which beauty products are right for you? We have trained professionals who are more than happy to help you find the perfect products for you.

Luxury products delivered directly to your door

Experience the luxury of high-quality beauty products in the comfort of your own home. We ship worldwide and offer free samples with every order. If you are in the Netherlands you can order your favourite products from our website before 8PM and they will be delivered the very next day with free shipping!  That’s how you can easily enjoy the high-quality beauty products that you and your skin deserve. Do you have a question about our products? Please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.