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Image Skincare Biome+

Skin microbiome-friendly skincare that ensures a healthy skin barrier. BIOME+ is a gentle collection designed to respectfully nourish your skin to strengthen its delicate moisture barrier. Developed with natural ingredients such as clinical adaptogens and
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Image Skincare Biome+

The world of skincare is entering a new era where innovation and sustainability are paramount. Meet Image Skincare products in line with this development: from a unique skin microbiome-friendly line that hydrates and brightens the skin to a high-performance, universal sun protection for all skin tones.

Microbiome-friendly skin care that ensures a healthy skin barrier

BIOME+ is a balanced collection with formulas that respect and strengthen the protective skin barrier. This carefully produced line contains ingredients of natural origin, such as botanical adaptogens and squalane derived from sugarcane. BIOME+ nourishes and evens the skin without disturbing its natural state.

Completely vegan

The entire BIOME+ line is vegan and provides skin care at a high level.

Skin microbiome-friendly

BIOME+ contains only natural ingredients that keep the skin microbiome intact.