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Free samples or gift

Choose free samples or a gift

In the shopping cart you can choose, depending on the order amount, to receive free samples or a gift. If you choose to receive free samples we find it important that you receive samples that come closest to the items you ordered. Please note that this is not always possible.

Amount of samples or gifts

You can already choose a free gift or one sample if your order amount exceeds 50 euro. As your order amount increases you can choose more luxurious gifts or samples. For instance, for every 75 euros you spent more you can choose an extra sample with a maximum of 6 samples and a limit of two of the same kind. Per order you can choose between free samples or a free gift, not both. Multiple orders on the same name and address are treated as one order, this to prevent misuse.

Choose your samples

If you have a preference for certain samples then you can indicate this at the end of your order. (In the comments field). We will do our best to provide you with the samples you request. However, sometimes it possible that the requested samples are (temporarily) not available. In order to not let you wait, we will (if possible) make the requested samples by hand or replace them with samples that match your request.

If you don't mention a preference for samples in the comments field we will add samples that match the products you ordered as close as possible.